Gala Event for the Women’s Sports Museum in Sarasota!

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Gala Fundraiser for Women’s Sports Museum

October 22

Saturday, October, 22, 2016 – Women’s Sports Museum Fundraising Gala Event
6:00 − 10:00 PM @ Hyatt Regency Sarasota Ballroom.

Support for a Women’s Sports Museum (WSM) that will include all women’s sports has been overwhelming!  Nowhere in this country is there one special place for all women athletes, in every sport, to show and tell their stories, past and present, and to tell how participation, monetary achievements, and traditional ideals of femininity have evolved. At the WSM gala event we will announce the establishment of, and intent to build, this museum here in Sarasota, Florida.

We encourage everyone to attend this event to celebrate the progress women have made in the world of competitive sports; and, to pay tribute to those of the past who helped pave the way for today’s female athletic celebrities, who will now inspire and tell young girls and future stars, “don’t give up”, the glass ceiling has been shattered!

Be a part of this amazing Event! RSVP Now!
Contact Sue Zipay via email or call her at 941-475-4489