Looking Back


The goal behind the Women’s Sports Museum is to inspire and celebrate the legacy of the female athlete through the preservation and presentation of historical documents, artifacts and personal recollections of the participants, reporters, fans, families and friends of those dedicated to fair play, and excellence in women’s sports.

The founder of the Women’s Sports Museum, Sue (Parsons) Zipay is a former AAGPBL player, and she recalled the good ole days of the girls baseball leagues hay day and recalls the spirit of the women who played, she commented “Ask any of the women who played in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League between 1943 and 1954 how they felt about that experience and they will all say it was one of the best times in their life. They played because they loved the sport, the competition, the camaraderie; they all played because they had extraordinary athletic skills, developed on their own, without any of the help that athletic boys in that era received.”

Looking back, most of these ladies never spoke publicly about their short professional careers in baseball, and very few people ever knew it had even existed until long after the league ended and then, a movie came out – “A League of Their Own” by Penny Marshall, released in 1991, and the story of the all girls baseball league became known to the whole world! Each one of the women in the league will forever have a special place in the Women’s Sports Museum and will remain forever ingrained in the heart of American, because of the movie.”

Help us in our endeavor to complete the dream, to construct the building that will house this history and many other aspects of the history of the female athlete. Donate to the Women’s Sports Museum.

Watch video of actual footage of those times of the girls in baseball…Video Classic: All American Girls Professional Baseball League Newsreel.
We are so honored to have the ladies come to Sarasotta, Florida for the Reunion, and during that event they will allow the public to come and meet and get autographs from these legendary women! Upcoming Event: Autograph signing by AAGPBL Players Scheduled October 21, 2016.


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