Looking Ahead to 2018

The 2nd Annual Gala RSVP is now closed. We had a wonderful time and if you attended, and we hope you did, too! Please stay tuned for more information regarding our next Gala in 2018.

For more information, please email contact@womenssportsmuseum.org. To make a donation to support the efforts of the Women’s Sports Museum, please click here.

The 2nd Annual Gala RSVP is now closed, but we had fun! The 2nd Annual Gala RSVP is now closed, but we had fun!


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Uplift. Inspire. Educate.

What is our mission? The Women’s Sports Museum is dedicated to preserve the history and promote excellence in women’s athletics. To honor the past, the WSM aim is to inspire and educate future generations about opportunities that abound in sport.

Why are we here? To build a living breathing museum that celebrates women in sport through exhibits centered around athletic and media pioneers leading social change from reflection to inspiration, showcasing sports and gender equity.

How will we do it? The museum will display a collection of historical documents, artifacts and highlight personal stories of trailblazers who dedicated their lives to become ‘best in class’ in women’s sports. The WSM will educate visitors on the achievements of heroic female athletes representing a wide variety of sports offering a vision and platform for our youth.

How can you help? You can bring this monument to women’s athletics to life in Sarasota! Click here to make a donation.