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Inspire all through the power of sports

Our Mission

Inspire girls through the power of sports

The Women’s Sports Museum will be a living, breathing museum, featuring interactive, state-of-the-art exhibits that celebrate the women who have given their time, talent, tears, and triumphs to defy gender stereotypes and lead all women to heights beyond expectation. The WSM will honor the past, inspire the present and change the future.
Our Future Home

Sarasota, Florida

A world famous destination for sports, arts, and beautiful beaches. It’s a museum town and sports tourism mecca… with no sports museum.


The Women’s Sports Museum shares some common goals with sister organizations but we are the only group focused on providing a physical home for ALL women in sport and archiving and celebrating the past, present and future of what women have accomplished  at all levels and industries involved in sport. 

A brick and mortar museum will provide a place from which to celebrate the past and propel our industry into the future, a place where tactile experiences and interactive offerings will bring our purpose to life.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

Dr. Lisa Michel

Lisa has owned multiple businesses and has a background in the arts, health care, and real estate. She has held leadership positions in multiple non-profit organizations in the business and sports communities. Lisa’s journey in sports began at an early age when she was introduced to various sports through summer camps, which inspired her to participate in high school and collegiate level sport. As an adult, Lisa continues to participate in sports for continued self-improvement and community involvement. She believes sports are valuable in so many ways: As an individual, women learn who they are, what they are capable of, they can find joy, and build confidence and resilience; In teams, women learn teamwork and build communities and relationships that often last a lifetime. She believes supporting females to join sports in all capacities is vital to both the individual and our communities.

President Elect:

Cortney Wall

Growing up an athlete and playing multiple sports year round and at the collegiate level, Cortney developed the invaluable athlete’s mindset. At the age of 16, she decided to merge her love of sports and art into a profession. As a sports artist, paving a career path partnering with athletes and non profit organizations, she helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities. The values, lessons, triumphs and failures she learned as an athlete have always fueled her entrepreneurial spirit and instilled in her the ability to push herself beyond her comfort zone, and to support other women along the way. She is extremely grateful and proud to be involved with the WSM, to grow this organization from the inside out, to shine a bright light on women in sports, and to inspire future generations for years to come.


Kim Ragan

Kim is a Florida native who has always lived an active lifestyle through sports and personal fitness. She joined the Women’s Sports Museum board to help with the mission of celebrating women in sports and with the hopes to inspire youth on the benefits of being involved in sports. She contributes a majority of her success to her triumphs and failures throughout her sports career.


Lou Ann Linn

Lou Ann grew up playing sports in Indiana, which shaped her into the person she is today. Being a female athlete playing at all levels of competition allowed her to focus on helping her daughters be the best they could be on and off the fields & courts. That experience gave her a platform to help many young ladies achieve their goals of playing at the next level, while she served as a recruitment liaison. Now more than ever, she wants to help inspire generations to take women’s athletics to the next level.

Caitlin Neatrour

Caitlin brings a unique blend of expertise in public health and finance, coupled with her experience running a coaching business that aids individuals in organizing their digital lives and businesses. Her passion lies in empowering people to lead their healthiest and most fulfilled lives, and she recognizes the transformative potential of empowering women through sports. Caitlin sees her involvement with the Women’s Sports Museum not just as a privilege but as a meaningful opportunity to contribute to a special endeavor. Being part of the board allows her to align her skills and passion to advance the museum’s mission of celebrating and promoting women in sports, a cause she deeply believes in.
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